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      Oxy/acet cast iron welding                         
      Metal spray for shaft and bearing bore repair                
      Engine parts and rebuilding

      Lathe and mill work




            We are a distributor  and dealer of clevite and several other brands

            of engine parts , as well as an automotive machine shop

             Front of shop

             4437 Prospect Rd

             Whiteford , Md 21160


  Many more photos @   http://www.imageevent.com/gmachine




                          Terratrac axle in need of repair



                                   Axle after repair



                                    Sprocket splines destroyed



                                     Sprocket  hub repaired


                                    Seal surface needing repair


                   Seal surface after spray weld, turning and polishing


                             Tractor with axle and sprocket installed



                        Dual fuel manifold for MM  Twin City  



                MM dual fual heat box repaired  by O/A  cast iron welding